Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gopher Fans are Not Interested

Wanna see something embarrassing?

Here is a look at current student season-ticket sales at 8 out of the 12 schools in the Big Ten Conference for this years football season:

Minnesota: sold 2,000, capacity 50,805

Illinois: sold 5,000, capacity 60,670

Iowa: sold 9,700, capacity 70,585

Indiana: sold 12,315, capacity 52,929

Wisconsin: sold 13,119, capacity 80,321

Michigan State: sold 13,400, capacity 75,005

Michigan: sold 21,715, capacity 109,901

Ohio State: sold 26,057, capacity 102,329

Yes, we are still early in the season and school hasn't even started yet, but COME ON Gopher fans! Support your favorite school and home state and order your tickets today!

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