Thursday, August 23, 2012

Minnesota Gopher Football: By the Numbers

Here it goes, we have all the numbers for you. Want to know how many players on the Golden Gopher football team? How many extra shoes and cleats laying around for backup? And other fun stats?

Read this: 

  • 27 practices before the Aug 30th season opener
  • 105 players allowed on the fall camp roster
  • 4 meals provided to each player each day (one is a take home dinner with a sandwich, chips, and yogurt. Um, okay....)
  • 85 footballs on hand for each practice
  • 80 extra shoes and cleats kept for back-up
  • 400 dinner entrees served each night to the to the 140 Gopher players and staff members (why so many? Oh, some players eat two or three meals.....)
  • 120 roles of athletic for each players ankles and wrists

That's a lot of stuff! 

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