Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gopher vs Sioux Train Wreck

It has taken me a few days to calm down over last weekends sweep by the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Both Friday and Saturday night games were a total and complete train wreck. The Gophers have not been swept by the Sioux at home in 26 years . . . why now? I cried out, why? I knew I would have to address it in my blog since I so boisterously bragged about the Gopher Hockey team in the last few posts.

Let's break it down - the Sioux played really really aggressive and the Gophers couldn't stand up to:
a) the North Dakota speed
b) the North Dakota checking or
c) the Sioux shooting

the answer is d) all of the above! The goal tending by the Gophers was some of the worst I have seen this year. I think Lucia was dumb founded by the lack of goal tending enthusiasm and talent - he tried to switch it up by giving both Briggs and Frazee some ice time, but nothing seemed to help. The Gophers were out shot, out defended and out played.

The Golden Gophers head back on the road next weekend for a two-game series at Alaska Anchorage on Friday-Saturday, Feb. 2-3. Both games begin at 10:07 p.m., Central time and will not be televised - can you believe it? NOT TELEVISED...I hope my local news stations don't let me down! I need to see some good plays on sports wrap to replace the images of the Sioux trampling the Gophs that keep circling in my head.

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