Friday, January 26, 2007

Gophers Football Coaching Staff

I am so excited about the new Golden Gopher Football coaching staff. I know Brewster is quite a talker, but I really believe him when he says he has hired a top notch DYNAMIC staff. Here are a few of the key new hires:

Mike Dunbar (Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator)
Everett Withers (Defensive Coordinator)
Daniel Berezowitz (Recruiting Coordinator)
John Butler (Linebackers/Special Teams)
George McDonald (Wide Receivers)
Phil Meyer (Offensive Line)
Randy Taylor (Director of Football Operations)

Brewster said in an interview, “I couldn’t be more excited that we have been able to put together top coaches and recruiters throughout the country on this staff. I say that with confidence because I know these guys personally and they are proven in their profession. This staff will work harder than any in the nation. This a special day for the Gopher Nation and all its fans.”

Gopher Gal likes Mike Dunbar the best - he is known for putting big points on the board and for a strong pass offense. It will be nice to see some up and down the field plays. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a spiraling pigskin land solidly in a Gopher Wide Receivers hands. I am looking forward to the season and looking forward to being a part of the "Brew Crew." Let's go Gophers! This could be a year where I get to wear my Maroon and Gold more than once (-:

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