Friday, January 26, 2007

Gophers Womens Basketball

OK, I never thought I would write a post about the Golden Gopher Womens Basketball team, but I actually watched the game last night and I was totally glued to my TV screen. The Gophers took on the Iowa Hawkeyes and the end of the game was a definite nail biter. I missed the first half because let's face it - I didn't actually plan on watching the game - I stumbled on it. The Gophers star Kelly Roysland suffered a shoulder injury that could be detrimental to the teams future this year, but for the Iowa game it just added a little excitement.

The Gophers had a 20 point lead over the Hawkeyes and blew it in the second half. Iowa came on strong, but the Gophers never gave up. It ended up going into overtime and the Gophers squeaked by with a win. I thought the little blondie Kellie Fox played a good game - even though she missed a critical free throw point! I must admit I couldn't turn the channel until the final buzzer sounded. There were only a few people in the stands, but next time the Gophers are playing at home, I am definitely going to try and get a seat - here is a list of the remaining home games for 2007:

Thursday February 1st vs. Purdue
Thursday February 8th vs. Ohio State
Sunday February 11th vs. Indiana
Thursday February 22nd vs. Michigan

Tickets are rather inexpensive and you can get good Golden Gopher Tickets to every game; so my advice is to pick a game and just go! It will be a fun night out on the town. You could bring your kids or your buddies. Want a cool place to eat? Go to Annies in Dinkytown - they have the best burgers and malts and they aren't paying me to say that!

Let's Go Gophers Women!

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