Friday, August 8, 2008

Gopher Defense has new leader with Ted Roof

The Golden Gophers football team has a new defensive coordinator Ted Roof this year. Roof is from the Duke Football team who if I remember correctly don’t have a big football program. Obviously, though, coach Tim Brewster saw something in this coach. I was reading over at a Duke Football tickets site that the Blue Devils have had “a few losing seasons” and now have a new head coach. I am not sure how I feel about getting a coach from an organization that cleaned house and started over. Do we really want another team’s dispensable employee? I hope what they say about 'one persons trash is another persons treasure' will prove true for Ted Roof and the Gopher Football defense. Time will tell.

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h*dizzle said...

i feel ya on this one but ya gotta trust the brewster right?!

ps do you have pics frmo this past years spring game?! x0x0

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