Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gopher Gals A-Squad

Have I mentioned yet that Gopher quarterback Adam Weber is the first sophomore in University of Minnesota history to be named captain? Wow, that is a big accomplishment. Clearly, Coach Tim Brewster has some faith in this kid. I know I do. Adam Weber is definitely on my top players list … I am going to start a Gopher Gal “lonely hearts club” and list all my favorite Gopher players. Let’s see…

Gopher Football:
Adam Weber (cute and talented)
Eric Decker (fast as lightning, has great moves)
Jeff Tow-Arnett (a walk-on, everyone has a soft spot for the underdog)
Willie VanDeSteeg (my bad boy complex)

Gopher Basketball:
Blake Hoffarber (cutie and quick on his feet)
Dan Coleman (tall and lanky)

Gopher Hockey:
Aaron Ness (a little young, but what can I say…he’s legal)
Mike Carmen (fast on the ice, and off?)
Alex Kangas (all that flexibility is a definite turn on)

Any other additions, gophers fans?


Cortney said...

Oooh Aaron Ness, Mr. Hockey Minnesota last year!

And congrats to Adam Weber :-)

I like Dan Coleman, too...can't wait for the gopher bball games to start up this fall - I have a good feeling for this season!

h*dizzle said...

haha love your breakdown..this is how i would do it to btw :)

h*dizzle said...

is aaron (ness) not turning pro and coming to the U?!ahhh this is big news and exciting

Cortney said...

K - where are you???

What would you like to see more of on this blog?