Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gopher Football Coach Optimism

From Tim Brewster – head coach of Gopher Football Team – recorded on opening day of Gopher Football training camp:

“On this day across the country, every football coach is somewhat optimistic
about his football team. The question really is whether or not that optimism is
realistic. Without question, I think we’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure
that our optimism is realistic. Everybody has made it known that we went 1-11
last season. We all understand that, but we’ve taken the steps necessary to
improve our football team.”

From Gopher Gal – University of Minnesota Alum and Gopher blogger – recorded today:

“We’ll See”


Anonymous said...

It's still shocking to see that 1-11 written out in print. OUCH! Gopher Gal, I definitely share your wait-and-see attitude. I'm hoping things will change, but I'm not expecting much.

Cortney said...

Hey Gopher Gal - I was driving by the U last Friday and can't believe how far along the new stadium is! How excited are YOU??

h*dizzle said...

i think we are ready!!!!!!only a few more weeks and we will see! i need to get a brew crew tshirt!

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