Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adam Weber is ready to lead Gopher Football, what about Gopher Nation?

Gopher Football training camp started this week and from all the reports around town, the team is stronger than last year and is ready to show Gopher Nation what it’s got. Gopher quarterback Adam Weber said that Tim Brewster's faith in him, along with a better sense of what the team and offense needed to do to reach its potential, has helped him become more focused. I hope he is right. I have a lot of faith in Weber, but he isn’t a one man show – he needs an entire Gopher team to win more than one game this Gopher season. Sure, Weber is one year older and one more year experienced, but is he ready to lead Gopher Nation? Last year, Gophers fans felt duped by Tim Brewsters rose colored promises – fans won’t be so quick to jump on the wagon this year – Weber will not only need to lead a Gopher offense, but a Gopher Nation as well.

I am ready for the season to start…August 30th isn’t that far away! Go Gophers!

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h*dizzle said...

i think things will be better this year. it usually takes a few years to turn a program around.

i love coach brew and company!

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