Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golden Gophers Blog Purpose

You know every web site (even blogs) need a purpose – I would like to redefine my Gopher Blogs purpose. I found a really interesting Cal Bears blog out there that basically gathers all the articles on the Cal Bears (Dave just does Football) on the blog in one space and then provides a link to the article and a snipet of the article so blog visitors can decide if they want to read the article in it’s entirety or not. I would like to do something like that for this blog. I wonder if I email Dave, if he has any hints. While I am waiting for his response, I will ponder what my Golden Gophers Blog Mission Statement should be. If you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

the daily gopher does daily links of all sorts of gopher type stuff, they may have some tips.

While there are quite a few gopher blogs out there dedicated to one sport or many, there is always room for more impressions or thoughts on games, recruiting, stadiums, athletes, etc.

Cortney said...

Interesting idea! I might do that when I finally get around to revamping my blog, too. Glad to see you're back!

h*dizzle said...

yay you are back!

jimmyt19 said...

U. Minnesota blows! Keep trying to pretend you are Wisconsins rival--nobody in Madison even knows who you are. Oh, and since you'll NEVER win that f*cking axe, just keep it.

What would you like to see more of on this blog?