Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gopher Gal is Not a Quitter

Gopher Gal has not been very active in the blogging world lately. I was going to quit, but this is such a great domain name and I still have a passion for the University of Minnesota and I know there are others out there that share my passion so I am going to trudge on for a bit longer.

I read some where that in order to have a successful blog, you need to update it every day, but that is not going to be possible for me so I am going to try and find a happy medium. I wish I was more tech savvy because then I could add more bells and whistles to this site so users could stop by more often even if I haven’t updated. I will put that on my Gopher Blog to do list. Maybe I could put a little game on here or something. I have tetris on my Windows vista sidebar, I should be able to put something fun here on the gopher site. Maybe I will have to get me teen niece to spruce it up, her myspace page is amazing – sure you can use some of that same code over here on blogger.

Don’t worry Gopher Fans, Gopher Gal is not quitter (well, at least not yet)

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