Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gopher Blog is still looking for her niche

I was so excited to read all the comments on my Golden Gophers Blog Purpose post. BTW, I still haven’t heard back from the Cal Bears blogger Dave (I heard those California boys are a unique breed) – I hope he isn’t anti-Gopher – LOL!

I am still considering modeling my blog after his. One comment on my blog pointed out that the Daily Gopher does that, but when I went over there (I confess, I have never been) it looked more like a traditional all sports Gopher blog – it’s part of those SB Nation blogs. I used to know a blogger who blogged for SB Nation, they have a lot of rules, I guess. I always thought that bloggers were anti-corporation and anti-rules. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I need to find a purpose for this Gopher Blog.

Another comment I loved so I am “promoting” to the front page is this one from anonymous Buck:

One niche that could attract readers is a blog that focuses on the fun side of
Gopher sports instead of stats and game reviews. A blog that is no longer
active, but was fun to read, is Bat Girl for the

Perhaps articles on
players, activities, fans, etc. from a unique female perspective could be an


I used to read bat girl all the time and she was practically famous. I am not sure I am as talented as she is, but I will consider going down that route as well. My friend Cortney writes in the Style and Sports blog and perhaps I will fashion (play on words there) my Gopher blog after hers and make this blog a little more girly. Talk about cute hair cuts and goatees, who’s working out more than others etc. Now, that sound’s like a good idea. Oooo, gotta run, the boss is coming!

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heck yeah!the gophs have alot of prospects on the team this

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