Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anonymous isnt showing Gopher Pride

Not everyone reads comments on blogs, unless they are on the front page, of course. So I am reposting a comment left by “Anonymous” last night regarding the Gopher Football team being Bowl Bound –

Anonymous said...
Gophers bowl bound...what a joke. How does a team with a loosing conference record (3-5)in a weak conference qualify for a bowl? Not to mention that the 7 wins were against teams with loosing or .500 records. OK, Montana State had a winning record. Are UofM fans so hard up for a bowl game that they'll consider a win over a 1AA team a significant accomplishment? Give me a break!

Wow, Anonymous – I am getting some negative energy from your comment. Yes, the conference record was a definite downer, but the fact that this team was 1-11 (0-8 conference) just one year ago makes the fact that we can even attend a Bowl Game a significant accomplishment. Yeah, there is work to be done, but at least we are moving in the right direction. I would concur that this UofM fan is pretty hard up (in more ways than one), but I am not going to pass on celebrating the little victories.


Cortney said...

I agree with you, Gopher Gal! And seriously...if you're going to take the time to bash a team, at least have the balls to put your name with your comment.

h*dizzle said...


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