Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gopher Football Team is Bowl Bound

Gopher Gal must not forget that the Gopher Football Team is still BOWL BOUND. It’s not the Rose Bowl as I had once dreamed (back when the Gophers were 4-0), but a Bowl is still an accomplishment. I am guessing the Gophers will end up at the Motor City Bowl on December 26, 2008, in Detroit, Michigan.

I will keep you posted on the official Gopher Bowl announcement, Gopher fans!


h*dizzle said...

noooo i want them to go to the alamo bowlll!!!!

Cortney said...

Road trip to Detroit? No thanks. If only they were playing somewhere WARM, I'd be all in!

Anonymous said...

Gophers bowl bound...what a joke. How does a team with a loosing conference record (3-5)in a weak conference qualify for a bowl? Not to mention that the 7 wins were against teams with loosing or .500 records. OK, Montana State had a winning record. Are UofM fans so hard up for a bowl game that they'll consider a win over a 1AA team a significnat accomplishment. Give me a break!

mike said...

looks like anonymous is scared to show the proud gopher fans who he is.

Anonymous said...

What a joke! 17 loses and 8 wins does not deserve a contract ext.

When is the AD contract up?

We need professional help!

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