Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gopher Bowl Game Selection = Insight Bowl Arizona

I was totally wrong about which college bowl game the Gophers would be playing in – which just shows that Gopher Gal is not that good at bowl game math, probability, predictions etc. Basically, my college bowl crystal ball was a little cloudy because I didn’t see the Insight Bowl in Arizona in the future for the Golden Gophers. Bad Gopher Gal. At least they are playing some place WARM!

In fact, Gopher Gal is wishing for a plane ticket to Phoenix right now! The Minnesota snow and the cold are already driving me crazy. I can’t stop day dreaming about flying to Arizona for New Years Eve and partying all day and all night with other Gopher fans in the warm Arizona sun.

I hope the Gopher Football team shows off their talent a little better than they did at the end of the regular season. The way I see it; this is the chance to end the season the right way, with a win!

Wednesday December 31st at 5pm (Central TV Time – 4pm if you are actually going to AZ)
Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona
Minnesota Gophers vs. Kansas Jayhawks
Tickets are available for purchase (but not by me -boo hoo)
I see a Gopher Football Tickets site has tickets starting out at $60 each

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h*dizzle said...

the gophies didnt do tooo.bad..we atleast hung around for the first half of the game right?!!!

im just excited about spring game AND TCF Bank opening next year...ahhh!!

i guess this is a bad time to tell ya i went to the insight bowl =\\ dont worry i cheered loud and proud for you me and court ;)) xo

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