Friday, December 19, 2008

Gophers Gift Ideas

If my husband is reading this (or my parents or siblings) – here are some hints on what I want for Christmas.

My Gopher Gal Christmas Wish List
(and the probability I might actually get it):

Gopher Mittens (75%) – I really want these and my hubby knows it, but they are like $20 and that seems like a lot of money to pay for mittens, especially considering my track record for losing them.

Gopher Hoodie (65%) – gold, black or grey- there are a lot of styles I like.

Yellow Gophers T-Shirt (40%) – with all these gold out events, I need another gold shirt, but my hubby thinks the two I already have is enough.

Gopher Stocking Cap (40%) – in black or maroon. I like the look of my long locks coming out the bottom of stocking caps in this frigid weather, I usually wear a Wild one, but a Gopher one would be nice.

Gopher Football Jersey (35%) – I already have a hockey jersey, now a football one would be nice – especially to wear at the new TCF Bank Stadium next year!

Insight Bowl Tickets (0%) – this is just a dream.


Cortney said...

haha now in which order do you actually WANT each item???

Anonymous said...

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h*dizzle said...

i got a bunch of gopher gear for xmas from my minnesota relatives..i lovve love love it!!! never can have too much right?!!!

did you get any!!! x0

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