Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gopher Hockey gets Swept - I Wept

Gopher Hockey Sucks, Fa La La La La...Gopher Hockey Sucks Fa La La La La

What is going on with the Gopher hockey team? I just don't understand how they played so well at the start of the season and then totally fell apart at the end. The mistakes they are making are mistakes that you make at the start of the season! ya know, when you are a new team - not a team that has been playing together for 6 months every weekend! They make a lot of mental mistakes on defense and on offense. The passing has been terrible and the penalties obscene. How could they get swept by Colorado College? What a shame. What a shame.

Big series this weekend at Mariucci Arena against Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs. I wish I could go, but I can't - I haven't given up on the team...yet, but this weekend will be the final straw - you bet that is a threat, Gopher team! You better step it up a notch or the fan base is outtie!

On a happier note, the Gopher girls hockey team is ranked #1 in the nation and I went to their final regular season home game last Saturday night and they rocked the place! They beat St Cloud State and never looked back. The place was packed and I even had to wait in line for tickets (I have never had to wait in line for Gopher Girls hockey before) - the Gopher girls fan base is growing as it should thanks to their phenom players. Keep up the good work - maybe you could share some of your scoring tips with the boys!

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i cant figure it out either! =[

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