Friday, February 20, 2009

Madison ranks high for sports

One of my Wisconsin Badger friends (yes, you can have a Badger friend or two, but don’t let the friendship get in the way of your Gopher sports loyalty) emailed me this article. Madison ranks high for sports - "Forbes names city 3rd best town for collegiate athletics." WHAT?!!?!?!? Out of all the really cool college sports towns out there (i.e. Minneapolis!) Forbes picked Badgerland 3rd (I am thinking it should be more like thirtieth). I may never read Forbes again.

How about that Gopher Basketball team last night?


h*dizzle said...
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h*dizzle said...

gross!no way badgerland is one of the top places for sports!!!!how did they beat the tc??? we totally rock 245873587 times more than they do!!!

but its not like forbes is the college sports expert...i would take it with a grain of if it was ESPN's Titletown,USA list i would pay more attention =p

and i agree with ya on badger friends..i have a badger cousin (the rest of us are gophies) so shes still the black sheep of the fam but we love her anyways =p

Cortney said...

The Badgers are really on again, off again for sports, aren't they? Or am I totally off base and just not realizing that they're actually consistently good...idk...

BUt H*dizz is right, Forbes is not a sports expert...and even ESPN doesn't have a lot of knowledge on all sports, really just football, baseball and basketball, but I would still trust their judgement more than Forbes!!!

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