Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gopher Hockey Weekend Review

It’s been almost a week since I have posted in my beloved Gopher blog . . . I think it is because I am so depressed over the PAIR of Minnesota State Mankato losses – it was the first time ever that the gopher hockey team has been swept by those lame-o’s…that is not the kind of history making I wanted to watch on TV. What happened?

Friday night was all about penalties – I even noticed this in the games I went to this year, the Gophers are hot heads. They just don’t know when to walk away and Mankato capitalized on this weakness. Sure, intense emotion can make you a great hockey player, but if you can’t keep it in check when needed you end up in the penalty box or in the locker room and what good does that do your team? None. Look at the score board. 2-6 Friday night, 1-3 Saturday night - penalties killed our momentum.

Also, Gopher goalie Alex Kangas was not his usual self – he looked tired…I was wondering if he was sick or something. There were TWO goals where he went down and Mankato shot over him, that’s not like him to do that. He usually stays up and cuts the angle. I hope he reviews the film this week and notice how out of position he was.

Saturday night was all about the power play. The Gophers could not score or even keep the puck out of their own zone when they were on the power play. What a frustrating series. I am ready to put it behind me, but nervous we won’t see more of the same this weekend against the Badgers.


Note on a different team – Gopher basketball game last night in Michigan made me want to poke my eyes out. Gopher Nation is in a funk and I don’t like it.

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