Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its not good to be a Gopher

I am still depressed. It doesn’t feel so good to be bleeding maroon and gold right now. The Gopher Basketball team kept it real, but just couldn’t stop the threes of the Longhorns.

The Gopher hockey team on the other hand was a total letdown. They deserve to be left out of the NCAA tournament – even though I cried about it. The team played terribly in the Final Five tournament, but really had been playing poorly for months (if you need proof just read my blog posts about Gopher hockey making me cry). The Gopher hockey team was a rollercoaster plagued with a lot of mental mistakes that cost them game after game.

I am starting to wonder if Don Lucia is still “our” guy.


h*dizzle said...

i think coach lucia has been having personal health issues but he should know enough to step aside temporarily when it jeapardzes the team.

i know its SO hard.really left out of the tournament. depressing =[

stay strong gopher gal!

h*dizzle said...

plus remember there is gopher baseball now...starring the hotness that IS...ERIC DECKER!!!mmmmmm =p

Anonymous said...

SO depressing to not make the NCAA was hard to watch the team start out so good and then spiral downward so fast (seemed like we weren't the same team after the North Dakota fighting sioux!).

next year could be our year though..we have a kick-butt recruiting class and stoa's the only upperclassman leaving.

Gopher Gal said...

Anonymous: How can you be so excited? Is Don Lucia still the right guy for Gopher Hockey? I am not so sure.

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