Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gopher Basketball Big 10 Update

OK, so we lost to Michigan Wolverines (AT HOME!) last Saturday afternoon and basically blew any chance at making the big dance - right? Well, maybe we still have a chance. I have seen so many conflicting predictions, it’s ridiculous. Some say we are in, some say we are out. I think if the Gophers perform well in the Big Ten Tournament (like win it?!?! – improbable, I know) the Basketball "Powers That Be" will be forced to put us on “the list.”

Gophers are playing Northwestern right now (quick, flip to the Big Ten Network) – so far, so good! It’s hard to decide what to watch – Gopher Basketball or Minnesota State High School Hockey! I love TOURNEY TIME!


Cortney said...

Ahhhh a big win and now a big nail biter....I'm nervous!

h*dizzle said...

idk who to cheer for in the first round of the ncaa tourney,,,,my beloved longhorns or my gophies?!ahhh why does this always happent to me?1

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