Friday, March 6, 2009

Gopher Basketball Makes Me Smile (Again!)

There is nothing better than beating the Wisconsin Badgers in basketball…except when you beat them twice! I can’t believe I didn’t write about this yesterday, but Wednesday night the Golden Gopher mens basketball team beat the Wisconsin Badgers at The Barn 51-46. The Gophers dominated the first half, but looked a little shaky at the start of the second. Once again Lawrence Westbrook stepped up to the plate and led the Gopher team over the Badgers. It was really sweet to beat the Badgers in Wisconsin a few weeks back, but this win in front of the roaring Barnyard was totally amazing. I couldn’t afford Gopher Basketball Tickets so I watched the game from my sofa – well, mostly I was jumping up and down because the game was so emotional!

This is the first time the Gophers have swept the Badgers since the 1991-1992 season and man it feels good!

Another Gopher Basketball home game on Saturday vs. Michigan Wolverines – Gophers gotta win! It’s an 11am tip-off – sadly, Gopher Gal has an all day Saturday conference, but you can bet I will be sneaking to the car during breaks to listen in on the score!


h*dizzle said...

are ya happy we swept the badgers this season..woooooooo! =]]]

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Cortney said...

Goooooooo GOphers!

And it sounds like you have a fan ;)

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