Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gopher Hockey Player Ryan Stoa joins Colorado Avalanche

Remember my Ryan Stoa is huge blog comment? I should have known then that he would go pro. If you didn’t know already, gopher hockey captain Ryan Stoa signed with the Colorado Avalanche and will not be returning to the Gopher roster next season. How depressing. Not for him, but for Gopher hockey fans. He was a lot of fun to watch and he is about the only player I knew wouldn’t get pushed around on the ice.

He signed for the maximum amount and I don’t blame him for leaving. I wish him the best of luck, but that doesn’t mean I will be cheering for the Colorado Avalanche any time soon - oh no, the Minnesota Wild are still #1 in my NHL heart.

Thanks h-dizz for the “Stay Strong” comment. I will do my best. I am on vacay the rest of the week. I need it.


h*dizzle said...

ahhhhh! i cant stand that we lose TONS of players every year! they need to stay to become champions!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Stoa for leaving either...academically, he's a senior, so he's been here for four years already. Still, the Gopher's are going to miss his leadership on and off the ice. We need to have the upperclassmen leadership to win championships. Wish him success in Colorado, but I only root for the MN Wild!

Gopher Gal said...

Stoa will definitely be missed on the ice next year . . . I have to say I am not that excited about Gopher Hockey next year.

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