Friday, July 25, 2008

Gopher Iowa game is BIG

I really want to go the Gophers Iowa game on November 22, but hold on to your hats gopher fans because something big is about to blow in. Big ticket prices! This is a hot game for several reasons.
#1. Border Battle
#2. Floyd of Rosedale
#3. Last Metrodome game for Gophers Football

Gophers Iowa tickets are going from $89 to $199 per ticket. Wow! That seems more like the prices of the new TCF Bank Stadium, not the grungy old Metrodome, but the fact remains, this game is a big deal. With the improved Gopher football line up, I am hoping that Minnesota will be kicking some Iowa butt! The tickets are going fast so I better buy them now before they are all gone or the prices go even higher. We all know that watching football on T.V. is nowhere near as exciting as watching it live in your 50 yard line seats no matter how hard I try and convince myself that it wouldn’t be that bad to stay home.


Cortney said...

I am so so so so so excited for this game. I love the rivalry between the Gophers and our neighboring states! Since we're playing the Badgers on the road this year, this is kind of the next best rivalry we'll get to see at the Dome til next season....

On a side note, I keep getting emails from V. Secret about the school logo merchandise - they're already doing giveaways and $$ off coupons! Hopefully the sales pick up a bit.....

Chris said...

Going to a game is much more enjoyable than watching it on television. TV just doesn't capture the passion of the fans.

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