Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gopher Basketball Players eat too

One of the best things about going to Jimmy John's is not only to watch their speedy fast sandwich making skills but also that I always see someone I know. Last time I was there I ran into an old teacher of mine from third grade. This time I saw Blake Hoffarber. Yes, Gopher Basketball player Blake Hoffarber eats at Jimmy Johns. This is an unofficial Gopher sighting, but I was really excited. I started day dreaming about me working for TMZ and the possibility of a paparazzi show in Minneapolis. It just brightens my day knowing I just saw a guy I write about often. What is even more exciting about seeing Blake was that we both ordered the turkey sandwich on wheat bread. I love Gopher sightings.


Cortney said...

Ooooh something in common :-) Which Jimmy John's did you go to??

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Johns rocks!

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