Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vote Blake Hoffarber for ESPY Award

Gopher Gal heard Blake Hoffarber was up for another ESPY award so I headed over to and decided to vote. I have never voted for one of these fan based award thingies before (I don’t even vote for the MLB All-Star game - some of my friends do and I know Minnesota Twins fan will be disappointed that I didn't vote this year, but Mauer and Morneau made it anyway with out my votes). Ok, back to Gopher Blake. I decided Blake Hoffarber was worth the time and effort.

So I get to the espys/espn website and I realize that I have to register before I can vote – I hate that! They needed my name, address, email address, full birth date, agreement to 17 complicated terms and conditions and my underwear color. OK, I am exaggerating on the undies, but everything else is accurate. After I registered, I took the time to vote for all 37 categories! 37! I thought this was going to be a 15 second process, but it turned into like 15 minutes. The cool thing was I got the chance to vote for some of my other favorite athletes like Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota Vikings and I got the chance to vote against some of my least favorite athletes like Tiger Woods. Yep, I am a Tiger hater. I purposely voted against him in every category he was nominated in even if I didn’t know any of the other nominees, I just picked one, any one but Tiger. The ESPY awards are broadcast July 20th on ESPN of course. I just may watch them this year. Justin Timberlake is hosting - he isn't half bad.

I hope Gopher Basketball gets the chance to win big with Blake Hoffarber – VOTE NOW! Go Blake!

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