Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I still love my Ernie

Last gopher football season I was in love with Gopher Wide Receiver Ernie Wheelwright - I really just like his name. How can you not love someone named Ernie? Anyway, Ernie was Gopher jersey number 1 and was number 1 in my heart as well. Well, he wasn’t drafted in the NFL – I didn’t really think he would be – his skills aren’t that good and with such a crummy Gopher Football team, I don’t think there were too many NFL scouts in the stands. Ernie Wheelwright did manage to score a free agent contract with the Baltimore Ravens and so far they love him! I am going to keep my eye on him Gopher fans. I bet he plays in the Viking Ravens pre-season game for sure. Go Ernie! Make the gopher football program proud. We need something.

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Cortney said...

I love that name, too! Kind of like how I want to name my next dog Gus...after the little mouse in the Cinderella movie :)

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