Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gopher Baseball is Good Stuff especially with John Anderson

OK, so I don’t usually follow or comment on Gopher Baseball, but I have to, just a little, today.

I was up late Sunday night and Mark Rosen had Gophers baseball head coach John Anderson on the show. Turns out John Anderson just celebrated his 1,000 win for the Minnesota Gophers as a head coach – 1,000 (yes, three zeros) and he is humble to boot! I actually learned some interesting facts about this guy and the Gopher baseball team – like the fact that Gophers baseball is the oldest intercollegiate sport on campus and that John Anderson got the head coaching job when he was 26!

The Gophers Baseball team has a great shot at winning the Big Ten Tournament and these boys are raring to play – I am starting to wonder why I rarely give the Gopher Baseball team a second thought…maybe because I am so addicted to hockey, football and basketball – one more sport would just make my Gopher head explode.

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