Friday, May 22, 2009

Williams Arena Floor is getting a Facelift

Am I the only person that thinks removing an 81 year old Williams Arena floor and replacing it with a new one could be a bad omen? Why now? Tubby? Is this your doing?

If the Gopher basketball season turns sour next year – I am going to blame it on the floor…then again if it turns out well, the floor gets the credit as well.

I love that historic Williams Arena floor…I wonder if they are going to auction off any of the boards ? I would LOVE one!


Hannah B said...

I'm thinking that getting rid of anything that has the word "historic" in front of it can't be good... but this is coming from the girl who had a pair of "historic" soccer socks that never could be changed, so maybe my perspective is jaded. I never thought about selling the boards off, but what a great idea!!

Gopher Gal said...

Hannah - LOL! on the soccer socks! I, too, must admit I am nervous about changing the Williams Arena floor, but 81 years is a long time coming.

If you hear about them selling the boards, LET ME KNOW! I am serious - a part of the Williams Arena floor would look great in my sports themed living room.

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