Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gophers Bulldogs Hockey Comes Out On Top

Minnesota Top Intrastate Rivalry? Gophers Bulldogs Hockey.

Sporting News named the mens hockey battles between my beloved Minnesota Gophers and those dirty UMD Bulldogs as the top Minnesota intrastate rivalry. Gopher Gal agrees! For whatever reason I get more fired up to pound the crap out of Duluth than I do about Mankato or even St Cloud and the intrastate hockey rivals are much more heated than any other sport. Afterall, this is the state of hockey!

Now, I wonder how I will feel about my Minnesota Gophers playing Bemidji? I don’t think it will top the intense University of Minnesota vs. University of Minnesota feelings.


Newbie to Hockey said...

I'm an implant here in the great state of Hockey and I never knew how fast you would get sucked into it... But I agree, can't wait to beat Duluth!

Gopher Gal said...

Minnesota hockey is 100% an addiction - my (non-hockey) friends think I need to start a 12 step program.

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