Friday, May 8, 2009

Gopher Hockey WCHA to get Bigger

There has been plenty of talk for YEARS about Bemidji State (mens) joining the WCHA and the issue has once again been brought to the front burner.

I say “Do It” and let Bemidji State mens hockey join up – I love the intrastate rivalries and frankly after they made the NCAA hockey tournament last year and zero WCHA teams made it, I think they have proven they have a strong hockey program. Plus they are building a new hockey facility up there. Hooah! I have a friend that goes to college at Bemidji State (hi Matt!) and he thinks it would rock if the hockey team could face-off against the Gophers, Mavericks, Huskies, Bulldogs, Badgers and Sioux (especially the Sioux, he said).

I think if Bemidji State was part of the WCHA, recruiting would be a little bit tougher for the Minnesota Gophers, but competition is a good thing – the strong will come out on top.

I predict you will see Bemidji State mens hockey in the WCHA (womens hockey already plays in WCHA) by 2011 . . . they will need to add another team to make the conference 12 or subtract a team to keep it at ten . . . I have read posts about people wanting to dump Alaska Anchorage and replace with Bemidji State. I am for that, but I would prefer to add another team and make it twelve. We’ll see.

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