Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fisch leaving the Gophers

Jedd Fisch is officially leaving the Golden Gophers for a chance in the big leagues. The NFL Seattle Seahawks have taken Jedd under their wing, as they say, and have given him a position as the offensive coordinator. Its not a big surprise for the Golden Gophers, since the only constant they have in their team's coaching (non-performance wise, of course) is change.

Jedd Fisch was only with the Gophers football team for one year as their offensive coordinator, but only feels right in the NFL. Fisch is the sixth OC since Coach Brewster started and he only wishes him the best of luck. Quarterback Adam Weber has seen four offensive coordinators in his five years in the program. That is a lot of change for one man to handle, but he's a strong kid and it isnt affecting his leadership among the team.

Brewster is on the hunt for his replacement as we speak. Any idea who that might be? Volunteers maybe?

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Anonymous said...

not a clue on who could be the next OC but maybe they'll stick around more than a season or two. one can only hope!

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