Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women's Gopher hockey team vs. Mavericks tomorrow!

Get ready for the Women's Gopher hockey team to battle it out with the Mankato Mavericks tomorrow night at Ridder Arena! The Gophers are ranked number two and hold a 43-3-3 record since October of 1998 above the Mavericks head, so they must be shaking in their skates right about now. That is not good odds for them. Go Gophers!

BTW: Gopher goaltender Noora R├Ąty (playing for Finland) and former Gophers Natalie Darwitz and Gigi Marvin (playing for USA) will all be heading to the Winter Olympics this week. Finland and USA will be playing each other in the first round, so that should be an interesting game to watch. Wish them good luck and don't forget to watch the games!

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Anonymous said...

good luck girls! ill be sure to watch it all!

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