Friday, January 22, 2010

Gophers basketball play Michigan tomorrow

The Golden Gophers basketball team plays the Michigan State Spartans tomorrow at Williams Arena. The Gophers are hesitant to play the Spartans, since they have had a seven-game losing streak with them starting in 2006. Michigan State is ranked sixth in the country and have had six straight victories, including a win over the Gophers ten days ago. Plus, the Gophers haven't defeated a Top 10 team at Williams Arena since they beat the 9th ranked Indiana Hoosiers 77-75 on Feb. 9, 2000. With Tubby Smiths’ outstanding history of victories, lets hope he can rally his team to end this losing streak!

If you can’t make it to the game, it will be broadcasted on CBS at 11 a.m.


Anonymous said...

all we can do is hope for the best! go gophers!

Gopher Basketball Ticket Manager said...

This game was so close I couldn't sit down! It was heart breaking to see the Gopher basketball team lost by just ONE POINT. I am so glad thay they play again on Tuesday. There are still Gopher Basketball Tickets for sale if you want to go!

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