Friday, January 29, 2010

Gopher Hockey in Anchorage today

Sometimes, I really wish I would have practiced hockey a bit more growing up. Maybe, just maybe, I could have played D1 and been flown around the country to play the sport I love the most.

Today and tomorrow, the men's hockey team are in Anchorage, Alaska for a back to back conference series vs. the Seawolves. They swept them earlier this year at Mariucci and have a series record of 48-15-7, but we shouldn't get too over zealous about it. The Gophs had been on a four road game winning streak which, being the longest since 2007 at 5 games, was snapped by the Huskies this past friday. Let's hope the guys get that out of their heads to play the Seawolves! Go Gophers!


Anonymous said...

they should be fine. we have a really good record against the seawolves and our guys are doing really well this season. Go gophers!

Anonymous said...

They should have been fine - I CAN NOT believe that the Gophers lost to Alaska on Saturday - it's NUTS! The Gopher hockey team better find it's legs or this season is O-V-E-R

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