Wednesday, June 8, 2011

11am Kickoff Goes Bu-Bye?

Gopher Football KickoffsAdding Nebraska into the fold allowed the Big Ten to renegotiate it's TV contracts with ABC and ESPN. This is very good for those of us who like to spend our Friday nights at the bar. Why you ask?

Because the renegotiations have given the Big Ten potential to load up on the 2:30pm Saturday time slot. Prior to this, the Big Ten was banned from having night games in November, sticking them in the 11am spot. 11am is simply too early for the hungover, which leads to poor fan support, a busy custodial staff and low TV ratings because college kids are still asleep.

An 11am start time is hated by everyone because it helps no one.

Tailgating at 11am? Sure, everyone loves bacon, but everyone loves sleep too -- especially as the season gets further along and the temperature drops exponentially.

A later kick off will get the college kids there, improving the student section and making the stadium full of die-hards and normal joes. Here's to no more (or less) 11am kick offs. Cheers.

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