Thursday, June 23, 2011

Senior Running Back DeLeon Eskridge Not Returning to U

DeLeon Eskridge will not be returning to the University of Minnesota for his senior season. Eskridge was the leading rusher on the team last year and scored seven touchdowns in the process. The University granted a release of his scholarship so that he could transfer to a school closer to home in San Francisco. The reason he is moving back is because his family is having problems right now. Head Coach Jerry Kill had this to say:

"He and I both felt it was in his best interest to make this decision"

Duanne Bennett now returns as the only senior running back for the Gophers next season.

This is a low blow for the Gophers. This is going to make a strong year for Jerry Kill tough to come by. Sure, DeLeon Eskridge wasn't that good, but he was semi-productive. I hope a young back emerges during training camp so that Kill can have a really good first season at the U.

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