Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jerry Kill('s) with Realism

Jerry KillJerry Kill, whose predecessor attempted to relate to fans through unfounded optimism, has taken the approach of realism and killed it. Gopher fans love the realistic approach Jerry Kill is portraying for the Gophers' football team.

Kill has promised very little to his audiences except to make the Gophers do things the right way and give it their all in football.

While on his out-state tour, Kill visited Hutchinson, Willmar and Mankato.

Kill has also expressed 4 basic rules he expects the Gophers football team to follow:

1. Be on time
2. Act right
3. Go to class
4. Play hard on Saturday

Realism may challenge No. 3, but hey, I've seen stranger things happen.

As for Kill's No. 1 goal? He wants people to be able to look him in the eye and say they are proud to be a Gopher fan.

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