Friday, June 17, 2011

Maturi Not Cutting Back on Non-Profit Sports Teams

The University of Minnesota is one of 9 of 73 schools in the power conferences that fields at least 25 total teams. Maturi takes pride in aspect of the school. He's always been told to cut back on teams such as gymnastics and wrestling, but that's what has made the school great. Maturi is strongly opposed to funneling all of the schools funding to football, basketball, and hockey:

"Quite frankly, if we're going to operate it strictly like a business, we should have three products, not 25," Maturi said, referring to revenue-generating football, men's basketball and men's hockey. "But because Minnesota has always believed in that opportunity and that consistent mission, we've been able to [keep all 25 sports]."

Maturi later went on to say that the reason he is able to keep all the programs up and running is that the school gets 6.5 million from the Big Ten Network.

Okay, Maturi, I understand your logic and you think you're doing an amazing job, but you're not looking at the whole picture. If you put a little more effort into the success of the bigger programs that people care about, you would get a lot more funding from alumni. Then you would be able to fund the programs that no one watches with that money. I appreciate the fact that it's very well rounded at the U, but think about the long run. The school can make a lot more money and thye will please the boosters writing out the pay checks

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