Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gopher Football Breaks Gopher Gals Heart

Thanks h*dizzle for the comment on giving props to my “Let Your Gopher Out” shirt. I wore it proudly, but my beloved Gopher Football team lost anyway. The ENTIRE Gopher football team (particularly Eric Decker who let Adam Webers’ pass slip past his fingers in the last seconds of the game) has broken my Gopher Gal heart. The Northwestern Homecoming loss was tough on this gal.

Yes, I admit I was seeing the Gopher team through Rose Bowl colored glasses, but the glasses are now off. I do *seriously* think the Gopher team can beat Michigan this weekend. There seems to be a lot of doubters out there, but I realistically think it is possible. This Gopher Football team is strong and if we can play tough through the second half, a win is possible. I will once again be glued to my TV, but this week I am changing the shirt. This week Gopher Gal will be wearing her Bright Yellow Gopher Football with a maroon camouflaged “M” on it.

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h*dizzle said...

ahh! i was at the homecoming game and crieeed! tears tears tears! but i figure its karma since we wrecked illinois and purdues homecomings...sadness!

i also had rose bowl dreams for the seriously back in june i had a dream the gophs were at the rose bowl. *sigh* oh well , this weekend will still be good bcuzz we're gonna GOLD OUT the wolverinces!!!!!!! :))))) x0

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