Friday, November 21, 2008

Gopher Football Team Last Chance Efforts

I wasn’t even going to post any thing about the Gopher Football team on my blog until AFTER the big Iowa game because I am so bitter about the lost to Wisconsin. I am still angry and bewildered at how we could squander away our 21-3 lead in the second half. But I read that Eric Decker will be back on the field on Saturday night vs. Iowa Hawkeyes! Good. We need him, hurt or not, I think it is becoming psychological. The Gophers really need to win this game for many reasons including my


1. It’s the LAST Gopher Football game at the Metrodome Minneapolis EVER

2. It’s the LAST regular season game for the seniors (I will miss Willie VanDeSteeg – it’s not every day you have someone with 3 capital letters in their last name)

3. Floyd of Rosedale is on the line (I love pork)

4. Bowl Game Chances

5. It’s Iowa, Idiots Out Walking Around, we have to beat them just to save face

There are still Gopher football tickets available. I may try and sneak over – I bet the scalpers on the street will be fetching a pretty penny, though. It’s a 6pm start, I bet I could order tickets on-line Saturday afternoon if I can work the game into my schedule.

Have a great weekend Gopher Fans!


Cortney said...

They DO need to win their last game at the Metrodome! Go Gophers!

Katelyn said...

yeah, tell Decker to suck it up. I better see him out on the field tonight at 6! Bring back the pig!

Cortney said... sad.

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