Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gopher Football Team prepares for Wisconsin Badgers

The Gophers hit I-94 East this weekend as they head over to Madison to take on the Wisconsin Badgers. I have been to a Gopher Badger game at Camp Randall Stadium before and it is quite an experience. I wish I could pack up the car and head over this weekend, but I can’t. I will be glued to the TV, broadcast on ABC, so I can even get it on my little portable TV with the bunny ears (thank God the switch over hasn’t happened yet – LOL!)

I hope the outdoor weather conditions don’t prove to be too tough for the Gophers, afterall, next year we will be playing outdoors, too! This is going to be a tough game to win for my Golden boys, but I hope they at least keep it close!

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Have you guys heard about this? OHHHHHH, I wish I could go!!!

2008 Gopher Football Away Game ‘Sota Socials with Coach Brewster!!

Free Admission to all Friday Night Events with appetizers and a cash bar (sadly). Meet Coach Brewster, Goldy Gopher and other U of M representatives! Win prizes and mingle with Gopher Fans!!! (SUPER FUN)

Some hotels may have guest rooms available and they will be on a first come, first served basis. Try calling today! If you have additional questions you may email (I hope beeme doesn't mind me posting their email on my Gopher blog)

Wisconsin - Nov. 15
Friday Night ‘Sota Social on Nov. 14
Sheraton Madison 8:30 – 10:30 pm
706 John Nolan Drive
Madison, WI 53713 – 608.251.2300


Cortney said...

OMG that road trip sounds like a blast!! Too bad there are a couple of Minnesota Wild games this weekend, otherwise I'd def. be game for a little road trip action!

h*dizzle said...

we did ok without decker..just couldnt get our defense to step up! hopefully he is all rested and will be back for the last game in the dome! we need to get atleast one trophy!

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