Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gopher Gal hearts Gopher Hockey Best

I now love Gopher Hockey more than Gopher Football and (sorry Tubby) Gopher Basketball will always be third. I am just not a basketball kind of girl.

YES, I went to the Gopher mens hockey game on Sunday afternoon with my man and we had a great (GREAT) time. The Gophers beat Michigan Tech 3-0. It was a stellar game and I am so glad I went and didn’t waste my time staying home to watch the Vikings game (pathetic I heard – my sister was texting me updates throughout the hockey game).

Gopher super star goalie Alex Kangas got his first career shut-out and I was there to witness it. He worked really hard for it, too. Michigan Tech was firing off shots like crazy. We were sitting by the Gopher goal during the first and third periods so I got to watch Kangas in action up close – he really is an amazing goalie. Our defense was really good, too. They looked like a well oiled machine on the ice. Screening and covering corners, deflecting shots, pushing guys in the boards. It was intense.

The crowd was minimal (strange), it was about 60% full. In fact, we had great seats and there were 4 chairs next to me open and half the row in front of me. Gopher Hockey fans, where are you? The Gopher Hockey team is #1! I can’t wait to go to another game.

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Cortney said...

That's crazy that the arena was so open! I'm hoping to get to a Gopher hockey game soon, GOpher gal! Although I do love Gopher basketball - can't believe you're not a huge fan! Going to their game next Wednesday night :)

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