Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MarQueis Gray Passes ACT, Finally.

Before I post about the Gopher Football Team Breaking my heart, I read this over on the Star Tribune and I just had to share:

"Gray is a Gopher again
Posted on November 12th, 2008 – 10:50 AM
By Kent Youngblood
MarQueis Gray has passed his ACT and is headed back to the Univerisity of Minnesota.

”Yeah, I passed,” Gray said in a text message this morning. ”I plan on coming back when the boal practices start.”

Gray, an Indianapolis native, was one of the most highly-rated dual-threat quarterbacks on the recruiting scene coming out of Ben Davis High School. He began practice with the Gophers during training camp, but had to re-take his ACT test after his test score was flagged by the ACT board. Gray took the test again Oct. 11 and posted a qualifying score.

Gray won’t be able to practice with the team during the Gophers’ preparation for their bowl game, but he will be on-campus. He plans on enrolling in school in January and would be eligible to practice with the Gophers in the spring."

SERIOUSLY?!?!? He mis-spelled BOWL ?????? ugh. I know all the athletes of the world will be banding together with their, English teachers don’t have to tackle 300 pound dummies to get a degree, so why should we have to tackle 300 vocab words to get a degree logic, but come on.

At least he passed the ACT, this is like the 4th time he has taken it. I am sure most of the Gopher plays he needs to master are X’s and O’s and arrows and not a lot of words so we should be fine, right? Besides, if he has a phone with a full QWERTY key board, the A and W are pretty close and maybe those big quarterback hands touched the wrong key, right? *insert deep breathing here*


Anonymous said...

This was Kent's typo error, not Grays. I wonder if he will be able to practice with them this fall getting ready for bowl or if he will have to wait until he is admitted in the spring.

Gopher Gal said...

What a terrible typo by Kent - - -unless he did it on purpose to create a stir in the Gopher Blogger arena. Oh, the conspiracy theories this could create.

I think Gray will have to wait until formally admitted before practicing with the team, he won't be able to suit up until Spring Practices.

h*dizzle said...

atleast we'll have a backup QB to A-web now. seriously i would hate to be A-web he has no support from his offensive line and gets sacked 10000000 times per game!hahaha

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