Friday, November 14, 2008

Gopher Hockey is Great (too)

My man wants to know why I am so obsessed with Gopher Football in my blog when the Gopher Hockey team is rocking the WCHA. He is a total hockey guy so it’s no wonder he is feeling slighted by all the attention I give to the Gopher Football boys (and even the Vikings and not so much Gopher hockey or the Wild). Sorry honey.

It’s true the Gopher Mens Hockey Team is doing fabulous. In fact, they are technically undefeated with at 5-0-3 record. Mariucci Arena will be alive with Gopher Hockey magic on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. My man is trying to convince me to splurge for some Gophers Hockey Tickets for Sunday and head over to campus for a game. Frugal Gopher Gal just said, “We’ll See.” (oh dear, I am becoming my mother).

Gopher Basketball is playing at the Barn this weekend, too. Lots to see and do in Gopher Country. It’s a great weekend to be a Golden Gopher! Have a great weekend, every one!


Cortney said...

Haha, oh Gopher Gal. Did you make it to the game? The Gopher hockey team is playing super well this season, hopefully they can keep up the stamina! Speaking of which, have you heard anything about whether or not they've imposed that rule yet about the NHL not being able to take players out of the WCHA during the regular season?

Cortney said...

P.S. i saw Tony Lucia on Mark Rosen's Sports Sunday last night...he said he wishes he were still a freshman!!

h*dizzle said...


h*dizzle said...

ps currently gopher hockey is #1!!!!

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